Stud Dogs


giant schnauzer
Date of birth: 10. 06. 2021
Bonitation code: 00/4A/555
HD: 0/0
ED: 0/0
Genetic tests: PRA-prcd: N/P, FVII: N/N, DM: N/N, PRA NECAP 1: N/N, DCM: N/N, HUU: N/N

Sire Dam
Maigret Radinie Karis vom Hatzbachtal
Czech Junior Champion, Czech Champion, KCHK Club Champion, CACIB, CAC Czech champion, KCHK Club champion, 2021 Winner, 3x Local Club Winner, 3x Best Giant Schnauzer in Show, BOB, BOS


Test Date Place Judge Result
BH-VT 28.05.2023 Zbraslav u Brna V. Staniová 53 / obst.
BH-VT 03.12.2023 ZKO Štěpánov Bc. J. Lasík 57 / obst.
IGP 1 20.04.2024 ZKO Uničov Bc. J. Lasík 96 / 85 / 95 „a“


Place Date Category Judge Result
The Javůrek Memorial in Prostějov 25.11.2023 IGP 1 (B/C only) D. Polzer IV. (--- /70 / 87)
Winter Team Cup in Uničov 24.02.2024 IGP 1 (obedience only) I.Skalická VII. (80)
Šenov cup 04.05.2024 IGP 1 V. Košťál / F.Beneš II. (90/91/95a)


Show Date Class Judge Result
OKV Horka n. Moravou 17.06.2023 otevřená H. Glänznerová V1, Open Class Winner, ČKŠ

Ria is our Biba´s stepsister and although she was born in the Radinie kennel, she has fit in with our dog pack very well. Ria is a smaller female but great personality, walking ego. She is incredibly active and hard-working. She is crazy about balls, a mad retriever, she has to take the ball for each walk. She is fond of work and it doesn´t really matter if we train tracks, obedience or defence. She works very hard (but often without thinking). Her high activity brings mistakes in many cases and then she gets angry. And barks a little. (may be her father´s genes?)

Despite her temperament, she has an excellent social behavior – no problems with manipulation, resting in box, car travelling, changes of enviroment. She doesn´t prefer contact with other people or dogs, she is not interested in them. As a puppy, she didn´t prefer caress but it has already changed 😊.


giant schnauzer
Date of birth: 17. 4. 2018
Bonitation code: 00/5A/6
HD: 0/0
ED: 0/0

Sire Dam
Maigret Radinie Andora pro Marii
Czech junior champion. Czech champion, Club champion, CACIB, CAC Club junior champion, National winner, res. CACIB, CAC, ČKŠ, ČKŠ-V
BH, IPO1 – IPO3, ZM, ZVV1 BH, IPO1, FPr1 – 3, FH1 – 2, IPO-FH, ZPU1 - 2, ZPS1, UPr1 – 3, IBGH1, CACT


Test Date Place Judge Result
ZZO 2 20.04.2024 ZKO Uničov Bc. J. Lasík 96
ZPU-1 16.09.2023 ZKO Uničov J. Hon 146 (96/50)
BH-VT 15.05.2020 OV Kunčice V. Staniová 57/obstál
FPr1 09.12.2020 ZKO M. Albrechtice J. Vychodil 90
FPr2 24.04.2021 ZKO Štěpánov J. Lasík 97
FPr3 23.05.2021 ZKO Štěpánov J. Lasík 98
ZZO1 03. – 05.09.2021 Spec. závod kníračů Ostrava - Kunčice V. Košťál 91
IFH-V 10.10.2021 ZKO Štěpánov J. Vychodil 85
IGP 1 06.11.2021 ZKO Uničov J. Lasík 93/98/84
UPr1 08.05.2022 Ostravice V.Staniová 93
UPr2 20.11.2022 ZKO Štěpánov V. Košťál 98
UPr3 28.05.2023 Zbraslav u Brna V. Staniová 90
ZOP 04.06.2023 ZKO Jaroměřice L. Novák 100
IBGH 3 24.06.2023 MR KCHK Přední Kopanina J. Jozová 88 (


Show Date Class Judge Result
OKV Horka n. Moravou 15.06.2020 Mladých D. Kotalová V1, VT, ČKŠ – J
OKV Frýdlant n. Ostravicí 05.06.2021 Otevřená A. Zaoralová V2, res. ČKŠ
OKV Horka n. Moravou 19.06.2021 Otevřená D. Kotalová V2, res. ČKŠ
CKV Brno – Královo Pole 21.05.2022 Pracovní A.Zaoralová V1, VT, CAC, ČKŠ, ISPU


Trial Date Category Judge Result
Spec. závod kníračů, Ostrava – Kunčice 03. – 05.09.2021 FPr3 J. Tichý I. (98)
KCHK Czech Republic Championship Přední Kopanina 24. – 26.06.2022 IGP1 M.Ryneš, K.Nedvěd III. (93/87/77)
Winter Team Trial – ZKO Uničov 25.02.2023 IGP1 - obedience I. Skalická 98 (II.)
Czech Rep. Schnauzer Club Championship – Záměl 29.04.2023 FPr3 I. Skalická 97 (II.)
KCHK Czech Republic Championship Přední Kopanina 23. – 25.06.2023 IBGH 3 J. Jozová I. (88)
KCHK Czech Republic Championship Přední Kopanina 23. – 25.06.2023 FPr 3 R. Fagoš III. (93)
The Václavek Memorial in Sudkov 18.11.2023 FPr 3 I.Skalická VIII. (83)
Winter Team Cup in Uničov 24.02.2024 IGP 1 (obedience only) I.Skalická I. (97)

Bíba is the second schnauzer female in our family, Dora´s daughter. She was born secretly at night as a last puppy of the B litter. She was an extra gift to her siblings. And we have perceived her as a gift yet.

Bíba has been Miss Perfect, a bit of a nerd since her childhood. She has been a very hardworking female, loving and family-addicted. She has loved people and especially children, her social behavior has been great. But she has been also a little bit jealous as her mother Dora, but not aggressive to other dogs.

She has been prepared for tracking systematically, she has worked very hard and carefully with low nose. We hope she will build on her mother´s competitor career, she has passed basic tracking exams and first competition with excellent result. Moreover, we have loved dog-scootering so you can find us in woods near our home to rush along the forest roads.


giant schnauzer
Date of birth: 27. 5. 2012
Bonitation code: 10/5A/5
HD: 0/1

Sire Dam
Frajer Frenkie Goldest Danubi;us Derika Apovery
Club Champion of Beauty Czech and Club Champion of Beauty
World Vice Champion ISPU 2011, Czech Champion 2012 and Czech Vice Champion 2010 and 2013
IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, BH, SPr1, SPr2, SPr3, OB‑Z
ZZO, ZOP, ZPU1-2, ZM, ZVV1, ZPS 1, ZZZ, RH‑E/F , BH, FPr1‑3, FH1‑2, StPr‑1



Test Date Place Judge Result
ZZO 13.10.2013 ZKO Štěpánov J.Lasík 58
BH 20.10.2013 ZKO Štěpánov J.Vychodil 58
FPr1 10.5.2014 ZKO Štěpánov J.Vychodil 94
ZOP 8.6.2014 ZKO Štěpánov L.Novák 100
ZPU1 13.7.2014 KK Kroměříž L.Novák 145
FPr2 27.9.2014 Stopařský závod Holešov J.Matula 100
ZPU2 25.10.2014 KK Zlín L.Novák 283
FPr3 16.11.2014 ZKO Štěpánov J.Vychodil 98
UPr1 11.4.2015 ZKO Štěpánov I.Skalická 90
FH1 19.4.2015 II.Wiosenne zawody Kalsk (PL) J.Lewkowicz 95
ZPS1 3.5.2015 ZKO Vikýřovice I.Skalická 181
IPO1 17.10.2015 KK Zlín - Lhotka M.Vávra 271
FH2 17.11.2015 ZKO Štěpánov MVDr.Glisníková 90
IPO-FH 19.-20.11.2016 Grand Prix Opola (PL) B.Ryl / D.Kmiecik 187 (95/92)
UPr2 30.8.2018 ZKO Jeseník I.Skalická 87
UPr3 6.10.2018 ZKO Uničov MVDr. Glisníková 84
FH2 18.11.2018 ZKO Štěpánov MVDr. Tichý 88
IBGH1 4.7.2019 LVT Esadera Písek P.Veselka 96
IFH2 09.12.2020 Město Albrechtice J. Vychodil 95
IFH2 03.04.2022 ZKO Štěpánov J. Tichý 90

Show results

Show Date Class Judge Result
OKV Šlapanice 18.5.2013 Junior dr.Pavelek V1, ČKŠ-J
OKV Horka n.M. 25.5.2013 Junior Ing. Kotalová V1, VT, ČKŠ-J
OKV Horka n.M. 22.6.2013 Junior Ing. Kotalová V1, ČKŠ-J, CAJC, ISPU cert.
Hanácká národní výstava Brno 5.1.2014 Intermediate M.Skok V1, CAC, NV
DUO CACIB Brno 22.2.2014 Intermediate dr.Pavelek V2
DUO CACIB Brno 23.2.2014 Intermediate L.Fairaislová V2, R.CAC, R.CACIB
OKV Horka n.M. 24.5.2014 Winner J.Jablonska V1, ČKŠ
OKV Dvůr Králové n.L. 2.5.2015 Working D.Kotalová V1, ČKŠ
CKV Horka n.M. 20.6.2015 Working J.Jablońska V1, ČKŠ, CAC
OKV Úvalno 19.9.2015 Working D.Kotalová V1, ČKŠ, BIS VK
OKV Horka n. Moravou 19.06.2021 Senior D.Kotalová Excellent1, Class winner, ČKŠ – V, The Best Senior in Show


Trial Date Category Judge Result
Memoriál J. Václavského Štěpánov 28.10.2013 ZZO J.Štos I. (59)
Stopařský závod Holešov 27.9.2014 FPr2 J.Matula I. (100)
II.Wiosenne zawody Kalsk (PL) 19.4.2015 FH1 J.Lewkowicz I. (95)
Mistrovství republiky KCHK Letohrad 27.-30.8.2015 FPr3 B.Ťujík III. (95)
18.ročník Lukovského poháru Luková 12.9.2015 FH2 Ševčík II. (94)
Memoriál J.Václavského Štěpánov 28.10.2015 UPr1 D.Majtas I. (91)
19. ročník Lukovského poháru Luková 10.9.2016 FH2 L.Jánský II. (94)
Memoriál J. Václavského Štěpánov 28.9.2016 UPr1 A.Jamnikar (SR) I. (86)
Stopařský závod Holešov 22.10.2016 FPr3 M.Kašpar I. (94)
Grand Prix Opola (PL) 19.-20.11.2016 IPO-FH B.Ryl / D.Kmiecik V. (187)
21. ročník Stopařského přeboru Nový Malín 21.-23.4.2017 kat. B B.Kouřil/V.Vitásek II. (94/95)
20. ročník Lukovského poháru Luková 9.9.2017 FH2 L.Jánský IV. (92)
SC for the CZ Championship IPO-FH Ruda nad Moravou 7. – 8.10.2017 IPO-FH J.Petráček/J.Lasík V. (89/52)
1. WM ISPU IPO-FH Horní Bříza (CZ) 26. – 29.10.2017 IPO-FH D.Majtas/M.Ryneš IV. – jednotlivci
I. – družstva (85/89)
VS stopařů na MČR IPO-FH Ruda n.M. 29. – 30.9.2018 IPO-FH P.Veselka/F.Zimek V. (84/8)
MR KCHK IFH2 Šternberk 20.4.2019 J.Lasík I. (83) CZ Champion
ISPU World Championship IGP-FH Tapiószentmárton, Hungary 24.-27.10.2019 IGP-FH F.Schuszter / G.Nagy III. (93/94)
MR KCHK Liblín 04.-06.09.2020 FPr3 M. Ulč II. (84)
MR MSKS IFH2 Klokočov 01.05.2021 IFH2 J. Strach III. (91), CACT
XXIVth Luková Cup 11.09.2021 IFH2 P. Rohlenová I. (94)
MS ISPU IGP-FH, Werlaburgdorf, Germany 27. – 31.10.2021 IGP-FH S. Übelmesser
R. Rank
XII. (90/83)

Dorinka is the first girl and the first giant schnauzer in our family. I dreamed her up twenty years ago – at the time, I was attending training lessons with my first dog and admired our trainer´s giant schnauzer bitch (by the way, the dog name was Cindy Strážce klidu).

Dorinka meets all our expectations. She is our lovely girl, black princess, devil and rascal. She is really addicted to her family as each good schnauzer is. Her social behaviour is brilliant, she loves people and especially small children (and loves kissing their small noses). She is even-tempered, self-confident and communicative. Currently, she is an excellent and uncompromising guard-dog who guards our things with her life and is quick to respond if someone or something is threatening. Her only unpleasant behaviour is ocassional jealousy connected with her strong dependency on the family.

She is a typical schnauzer who must be constantly employed. She should not be allowed to get bored, because in this case she immediately finds some interesting activity (usually unacceptable for us). Thus we go jogging, swimming, tracking, obedience and defense training, training of tricks or dog-dancing. Dorinka (as well as all our dogs) is a „heart dog“ – she is ready to do everything we wish due to her love.

And we love her too.


Standard poodle fawn
Date of birth: 9. 5. 2015
Bonitation code: 000A201000000
HD: 2/2, DOV clear, PRA clear, patella 0/0, ED: 0/0, spondylosa clear

Sire Dam
Bruno Omne Trinum Perfectum Fantastic Future Minarett
PL Juniorchampion, PL Champion
BOB, CWC, BOS, CACIB, Junior Club Winner 2011
CZ Champion, CZ Grandchampion
PL Junior Winner, Club Winner, National Winner, CACIB, BOB
Canistherapeutic test


  • CZ Juniorchampion
  • Club Juniorchampion
Show Year State Result Title
Poodle Club Show 2015 ČR VN1
DUO CACIB Brno 2016 ČR VN1
Poodle Club Show Ostrava 2016 ČR V1 ČMKŠ, Nejlepší mladá fena v barvě fawn
NVP Ostrava 2016 ČR V1 CAJC
Klubová výstava Pudl klub Brno 2016 ČR V1 CAJC, ČMKŠ, Nejlepší mladá fena v barvě fawn
MVP Intercanis Brno 2016 ČR V1
KChP Club Show Ostrava 2016 ČR V1 ČMKŠ
NVP Brno 2016 ČR V1 CAJC

Nugeta has come to our family as Dora's friend and companion (but not only Dora´s) because after puppies leaving home, our house was sad and inadequately filled up with dogs. And Nugeta has lived up her part perfectly – she is funny, uncomplicated, crazy and loving, restless and agile. And beloved and devoted – she is our sweetie if she does not commit sabotage acts as gloves stealling or tasting some mucks outside...