News 2016

30.12.2016 – thanks for nice winter photos and Christmas greetings sent by our children!!!

Ares Arx Fortunae

Asterix Arx Fortunae

9.12.2016 – we have a new family number – fawn standard poodle female named Nugeta

Nugeta is our living Christmas present – she will be Dora´s friend for dispeling her solitude, the clown for common playing with children and my new work companion. I think she integrates quickly...

3.12.2016 – Argus sent photos from his trip to Germany (and visit of his father Jack)!!!

19. – 20.11.2016 – Grand Prix Opola (Poland) and IPO-FH exam passed!!!

In the big tracking competition, we started first time in high-prestige IPO-FH cathegory and Dora standed it excellently!!! In hotly contested cathegory we won the 5th place with 187 points (95/92)! Moreover, under extreme weather (heavy rain on Saturday) and on the heavy sandy soil. Dora worked really hard. Both judges appreciated especially excellently made breaks. I am so proud of Dora!!

9.11.2016 – new photos sent by Riky (Asterix Arx Fortunae)

We received beautiful photos sent by Riky!

3.11.2016 – new photos sent by Ary (Aramis Arx Fortunae) from England

Thank you very much for great photos, Ary!!!

30.10.2016 – beautiful autumn photos sent by Pinky (Apolonia Arx Fortunae) and her family

Thank you very much!!

22.10.2016 – Holešov Cup

On Saturday, Dora and me started in the Holešov Cup in FPR3 cathegory. In nice typical autumn weather, we won the Cup but with result of 94 points only (the FPr3 track was too easy for Dora under these conditions so she goofed off).

2.10.2016 – many greetings from Austria sent by Argus

Argus sent us new information and photos from his foreign place of operation. He feels very good, grows intensively (he is about 62 cm now) and develops quality rough hair. He will be a dishy guy!

30.9.2016 – Ares and Monika train hard

28.9.2016 – Josef Václavský Memorial Trophy in Štěpánov

In the Memorial Trophy, Dora started in UPr1 cathegory because of change of the training programme from IPO to mondioring. Despite of the training pause due to maternity leave, Dora was able to obtain 86 points and won the 1st place and moreover, the best IPO obedience of the competition!!!!

27.9.2016 – we have new photos from Atti (Atticus Arx Fortunae)

We obtained amazing new photos from Atti!!!

25.9.2016 – many greetings from new home snt by Riky (Asterix Arx Fortunae)

We were given by many fantastic photos from our lovely Asterix who lives with his new owner Petr and his new family in eastern Bohemia.

12.9.2016 – Luková Cup 2016

After Dora´s six-month maternity leave, we attended to Luková Cup in FH2 cathegory. Under adverse conditions (hot sunny day and burning field without a bit of shadow) and on uncomfortable ground (dry lumpy soil with oilseed rape), we carved out the amazing second place just as last year! Due to the loss of one subject, we obtained „only“ 94 points under these really extreme conditions. Thank my great Dora very much for her brave heart and desire to finish. And also congratulations to our rivals for their admirable performance!

2.9.2016 – Toníček (Achilleus Arx Fortunae) sents many greetings from Děčín

Toníček sent a lot of beautiful photos and new information. He successfully graduated the dog kindergarten (with honors!) and now he becomes a pupil – he starts to attend the dog school. Good luck and wish you all A´s!

30.8.2016 – Ary (Aramis Arx Fortunae) sents many greetings from his new home

Ary is living with his owners in the far England. He has a dog buddy for conjoint mischief and becomes a cheerful, self-confident and docile dog. Soon he goes to the dog school. Good luck, Ary!

30.8.2016 – the last puppy Asterix left home

From today morning our home is uncredibly sad – all children flew into the World, in the end, our little boy Asterix found his new family and left into eastern Bohemia.

We hope that all our lovely children do and will do well and we wish them and their families many beautiful moments together. I will never forget you, my sweethearts, and I will love you forever!

28.8.2016 – we received amazing new photos from Ares (Ares Arx Fortunae)

Ares and his owner Monika train hard whether it is hot or cold as enthusiastic sportsmen. Thanks Monika for beautiful training photos!

20. - 27.8.2016 – we spent amazing week in the dog training camp in Jeseník!

It was a great week with a group of great people and their cute dogs! Many thanks our trainer Pavel, organizers headed by Jarka and both photographers Kasia and Kasia. Thanks for your help and beautiful memories.

16.8.2016 – Lucy left home (Aemilia Arx Fortunae)

Lucy left home with her new family from Germany – the Heymanns. Although Lucy was a little bit sad for first two days in her new home (she missed her little brother Asterix), in the end she calmed down and now she is enjoying the role of the youngest child in the big family. Moreover, Lucy has her own blog!

31.7.2016 – we received photos and video sent by our foreign correspondent Argus Arx Fortunae

Our Argus became a foreign national – he lives with his new family in Austria near Vienna. And because he is a really clever boy, he mastered quickly foreign language and also etiquette rules (especially rules of getting well with cat autochtons).

22.7.2016 – many greetings sent from Olomouc by Pinky (Apolonia Arx Fortunae)

Miss Orange alias Apolonia alias Pinky alias Tomboy lives in Olomouc. Except for minor disagreements over teddy-rabbit usability for hunting-techniques training, she gets well with her new family.

20.7.2016 – photos sent by Ájík (Ajax Arx Fortunae) from his new home

Ajax moved into his new home just a little farther north into Opava and became a member of large and species-diverse family so in addition to children, he has a lot of animal friends.

17.7.2016 – many greetings sent by Achilleus Arx Fortunae alias Toníček from his new home

Achilleus Antonius lives with his new parents at the opposite end of the Czech Republic in Děčín and he is their beloved darling.

11.7.2016 – We are swimming!

Today we first time visited a pond in Želechovice and our 10-week old puppies were able to swimm as a otter!! Amazing!!!

10.7.2016 – New photos sent by Atti (Atticus Arx Fortunae) and his owner Veronika!

6.7.2016 - New photos sent by Ares (Ares Arx Fortunae) from his new home!

Ares left and now lives really far with his new owner Monika - in Germany. He is prepared for future sport career. And he is very good!

Photogalery links

Galery: Ares 03.07.16

Galery: Ares Unterordnung 06.07.16

3.7.2016 – New photos sent by Aurinka (Aurelia Arx Fortunae) and her owner Marie!

4.7.2016 - Many greetings from trip!!

Everyday we go with mum on a trip and we really like it - mainly mud and puddles which can slosh wonderfully, ditches into which one can fall well, too hiding in corn, speeding cyclists, yelling kids, and so... Just great fun!!!

23.6.2016 - We have been groomed and also new photoportraited!!

10.5.2016 - New portraits and video!!!

29.5.2016 - We celebrated 4 weeks of age!!

23.5.2016 - We are 3 weeks old!

Our portraits:

Photogallery in the garden:

Video of our babies:

15.04.2016 - Portraits of 14-day old puppies.

We are seeing and train walking!

10.04.2016 - We are going outside!

There are photos from the first trip to the "wild nature". Puppies start tasting odour and colours of the world...

31.3.2016 - the pregnancy has been confirmed!!

Dora was sono-examinated by our vet on Thursday and she is pregnant! The vet´s estimation of the litter size is 10 - 12 puppies!

27.5.2016 - Dora passed FH2 again!

Despite of the pregnancy and hot, sunny weather we passed FH2 and obtained 93 points from the judge Jiří Lasík! Dora is the fantastic girl!!!