News 2019

24. – 27.10.2019 – Dora won the 3rd place on the ISPU World Championship IGP-FH, Tapiószentmárton, Hungary!!!

Dorinka proved again to be among the top working schnauzers in the world. She won the great 3rd place and moreover, she contributed to the 3rd place won by the Czech tracking team.

Trial conditions, fields and weather were very difficult but my girl is an amazing dog and she wanted so much to win! I am very proud of her.

Thanks also to my MHL tracking team – great friends I like and appreciate a lot.

12.10.2019 – the first Brutus's trial success

Brutík (Brutus Arx Fortunae) and his owner Kristýnka run their first caniscross trial „CaniKosíř 2019“ and were very successful on the 4km long course with a cant of 100m!!!

Congratulations – you are great!!!

28.09.2019 – Josef Václavský Memorial in Štěpánov

This year, we have two representatives in the Josef Václavský Memorial in Štěpánov.

Maruška Lohrerová with Eliška (Aurelia Arx Fortunae) became winners of FPr1 cathegory and Verunka Vrzalíková with Atti (Atticus Arx Fortunae) won the 3rd place in IGP1 category.

Congratulations and thanks for a perfect representation!

30.08. - 01.09.2019 - KCHK Czech Republic Championship

Atticus Arx Fortunae - 3rd place in IGP1!!!!!

Thanks to Verunka Vrzalíková for representation of our kennel and phenomenal success with Atti in their first official trial!!!

Moreover, thanks to Petr Žižka with Asterix Arx Fortunae who won the great 3rd place in FPr3 cathegory and also fought bravely in SPr1 cathegory!!!

07.08.2019 – the first result of HD/ED examination in B litter

Today we received Biba's (Bibiana Arx Fortunae) HD/ED examination result – HD 0/0 and ED 0/0. Great news for us!!!

29.06.– 06.07.2019 – LVT Esadera Písek

Due to our friends Alice and Erika Zelinková, we (together with our schnauzer girls) spent a great week among great people in a summer dog training camp. Thanks to a helper Vojtěch Filip too!

16.06.2019 - Atti (Atticus Arx Fortunae) passed ZM exam

Congratulations Atti's owner Verunka and her skilled dog!!!

15.06.2019 - OKV Horka n. M.

Biba attended her first show and won the junior class!!!

12.05.2019 - IHA Wieselburg (Rakousko)

Great day for our kennel! Belinda Arx Fortunae won not only Junior class on the show but also BOB!!!

Congratulations to happy owners Verena and Werner Bokor!!!!

12.05.2019 - Elinka (Aurelia Arx Fortunae) passed FPr2

Congratulations to Maruška Lohrerová!!

11.05.2019 - we received photos from Ari in England

29.04.2019 – A litter celebrates the birthday!!!

Our puppies from A litter are 3 years old today!!! We wish a lot of happy and funny days to Attinek, Ares, Arisek, Argus, Ája, Atrei, Toníček, Rikky, Pinky, Elinka and Lucy!!!

27. - 28.04.2019 – Nový Malín competition in tracking

Complete our large schnauzer family attended the Nový Malín competition in tracking this year – Elinka (Aurelia Arx Fortunae) in A cathegory and Dora, Dora´s mum Derika and brother Avatar in B cat. In the end, the most successful representative was the youngest member of our team. Elinka won the fantastic 2nd place! Congratulations to our little girl!!!

Dora won the 6th place especially due to loss of 15 points because of two subjects not found. But every day is not the feast.

20.04.2019 – Dora became the Czech republic schnauzer champion in tracking 2019!!!

On Saturday our amazing girl Dora won the first place in the Czech republic schnauzer championship in tracking 2019!!! Despite very hot weather and difficult terrain (dry soil with sparse wheat), Dorinka was able to receive 83 points. Although she was very exhausted at the end of the track, she showed strong will to finish.

The only dog which was able to meet the exam limit was Dora´s mother – Derika Apovery (owner Marie Lohrerová). Derika won the great 2nd place!!! Congratulations!!! It can be seen that the apple does not fall far from the apple tree.

And Dora's brother Avatar pro Marii won the 3rd place – congratulations to Avatar's owner Zdenka Stránská!!!

And moreover, Dora's daughter Elinka (Aurelia Arx Fortunae) won the FPr1 category!!! Congratulations to our amazing puppy and her owner Maruška Lohrerová!!!

17.04.2019 – B litter celebrated the first birthday!!!

Happy birthday to our B litter puppies – Bíba, Borinka, Bela, Betynka, Beli, Brutík, Bruno, Borísek and Beník has grown up to the great amazing dogs. We wish you, our beloved little bearded children, long and excellent life in your new families. We love you!!!

31.03.2019 – Riky (Asterix Arx Fortunae) passed FPr3

Congratulations to our great Riky and his owner Petr Žižka!!!

22. - 24.03.2019 – – training weekend with Pavel Markusek in Jeseník

The first and moreover great training weekend with Pavel! I was satisfied because Bíba worked perfectly (I hope she has inherited from her mum more than the harness).

08.03.2019 – The 2017/2018 Czech national team award ceremony

Due to the great 2017/2018 Czech national team results in the world championships across all dog breeds, the Czech Cynological Union organized the award ceremony for national team representants and awarded them the honorable awards.

It is a great honor to me to have this ceremony but our black princess Dora has the greatest credit for the award. She has won the 4th place among individuals in the World Championship ISPU IPO-FH 2017 and she has also been the team member of the World winners!!!

PF 2019

Strong health and a lot of fun every day to all our children and their families in New Year 2019!! Thanks for your New Year greetings!!!