News 2023

03.12.2023 – MZŘ tests in Štěpánov

The last event we attended this year was the IGP exams in Štěpánov. Ria (Charisma Radinie) repeated the BH-VT exam (because the evaluation by the different cynological federation judge), and she was very successful – 57 points despite her occasional voice expressions.

Moreover, Brutus AF with Kristýnka passed the IBGH1 exam and obtained amazing 94 point!!! Congratulations!!!!

25.11.2023 – The Javůrek Memorial in Prostějov

Ria (Charisma Radinie) attended the first trial in her life in the IGP1 cathegory (obedience/defence only) – and despite some faults in both disciplines, she won the 4th place (70/87 points). Obedience was not very successful because Ria went for defence at the moment but defence was very good. She showed excellent drive and enthusiasm for work typical for her.

18.11.2023 – Václavkův stopařský memoriál v Sudkově

Biba and Brutus AF attended the first year of excellently managed the Václavek Memorial in Tracking – Biba in the FPr3 cathegory and Brutus in the FPr1 cathegory. But unfortunately, we were not very successful, Biba won the 8th place (83 points) and Brutus didn´t finish the track. But next trial result will be better!!!

24. – 29.10.2023 – ISPU World Championship, St. Veit an der Glan (Austria)

This year despite the fact that I didn´t attend the Championship with my females, we have three competitors with dogs from our kennel in the Czech national tracking team:

  • Vladimír Jirkovský + Boris Arx Fortunae (Czech champion KCHK IFH2 2023)
  • Maruška Lohrerová + Aurelia Arx Fortunae (Czech vice champion KCHK IFH2 2023)
  • Petr Žižka + Asterix Arx Fortunae (3rd place in Czech Championship KCHK IFH2 2023)

And they were more than successful!!!

Maruška Lohrerová with Eliška (Aurelia AF) have become the ISPU IGP-FH World Vice champion and also the ISPU IGP-FH World Team Vice champion with Vladimír Jirkovský and Boris AF!!!!

Unfortunately, Petr with Asterix were not so successful, they didn´t finish the tracks but it happens. Asterix is a very talented dog so they will definitely win next time.

So, my dear Maruška, Vláďa and Petr, I am very proud of you, you are my stars and heroes, the best of the best!!! A lot of congratulations to you and thanks for great representation of my kennel!!!!

28.09.2023 – Defence Special Trial in Štěpánov

The last challenge in September 2023 was the Defence Special Trial in Štěpánov. Unexpectedly, I attended with Brutus AF because Brutus´s owner Kristýnka has been very stressed about competitions. And Brutík was very successfull – he won the third place!!!

17.09.2023 – Körung in Ostrava – Kunčice

Since September 2023, we have had the third stud female in our kennel. Our Ria (Charisma Radinie) attended Körung with the clear Körung code – 00/4A/555.

16.09.2023 – Biba passed ZPU-1 exam

In September, Biba passed very successfully the ZPU-1 exam. She received 146 points (from 150)!

23. - 25.06.2023 – Summer training camp in Jeseník

This year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of training camps in Jeseník. And we spend great time with great people and their dogs again.

Thanks to all our friends!!

23. - 25.06.2023 – KCHK Czech republic Championship 2023 (Přední Kopanina)

This year, the Club Championship belongs to our Biba. She competed in two categories – in IBGH 3 she won the first place (88 points) in very hot weather. Immediately after the obedience, she got in my car and went for a FPr 3 track. Despite continuing hot weather and the fact that she started as a first dog, she won the third place with 93 points! She is my great girl!!!

Amazing photos by Miroslav Dlouhý, Šárka Salabová a Kristýnka Trnovcová.

17.06.2023 – Club Schnauzer Show in Horka n. Moravou

Our Ria (Charisma Radinie) passed her first show and she was very successful – she won the Open Class winner and ČKŠ. She is our beautiful girl.

04.06.2023 – Biba passed ZOP exam and received 100 points!

We tried to pass KJ Brno exams . And result was more than very good – Biba received full 100 points!!! Moreover, her brother Brutus passed ZPU1 exam and now he is prepared for ZPU2. Congratulations!!!

26. – 28.05.2023 – Schnauzer training camp in Zbraslav u Brna

At the end of May, we attended the Schnauzer training camp in Zbraslav u Brna. Whole weekend was great – people, grounds and moreover, two passed exams!!!

Ria (Charisma Radinie) passed her first exam BH-VT with 53 points (although in the beginning of the exam she thought it was a defence training).

Bíba (Bibiana AF) gained great 90 points in UPr3, although she lost some points in aports due my fault. But they are my ingenious girls.

Lot of thanks for the great weekend to organizers, trainers and helpers – Veronika Staniová, Tána Štefková, Andrea Zítková, Adam Hudeček, Radek Parolek and all people in Zbraslav!!!

29.04.2023 – Czech Republic Schnauzer Club Championship in Tracking in Záměl

This year the Czech Republic Schnauzer Club Championship was connected with the phenomenal success of our kennel!!!

The Championship was perfectly organized by Petr Žižka (Asterix AF´s owner) and his collegues. Moreover, Petr with Asterix competed in the Master cathegory IFH2. In the IFH2 cathegory, Marie Lohrerová + Aurelia AF and Vladimír Jirkovský + Boris AF also competed. And in the FPr3 cathegory, our kennel was represented by Aleš Křepela + Ajax AF and me + Bibiana AF.

So 5 dogs competing in the Championship and all of them winners!!!


  • Aleš Křepela + Ajax Arx Fortunae – 1st. place
  • Hana Konrádová + Bibiana Arx Fortunae – 2nd. place

Ajax with Alešem worked very hard, the track was flawless and Aleš acted like a experienced professional – thanks so much, Aleš!

I was excited about our Bíba – unfortunately she had to work on the compensatory track (it means to leave the first track, to put the dog to car without a treat and after two hours start again) but Bíba coped the situation perfectly. She is my Miss Perfect. You can see the Biba´s track video.


  • Vladimír Jirkovský + Boris Arx Fortunae – 1st place
  • Marie Lohrerová + Aurelia Arx Fortunae – 2nd place
  • Petr Žižka + Asterix Arx Fortunae – 3rd place

An absolutely phenomenal success of Dora´s (Andora pro Marii) sieblings – three dogs from two litters (with two different sires) and so great tracers!!! And moreover, they were the only dogs which achieved the exam limit! A lot of congratulations, Vladimír, Maruška and Petr, you are simply great and I was very proud of you to see you on the podium!!! Thanks a lot!!!

20.11.2022 – Winter team trial in Uničov

The first competition, we attended with Biba this year, was Winter team trial in Uničov. Our team competed in IGP1 – Biba in obedience and our friend Radka Mačáková and her malinois Ejsa in defence. And both dogs worked very hard – we won the second place! Because Biba was in heat, we competed as the last couple and Biba won 98 points in obedience!

And a lot of thanks to Kristýnka with Brutus AF and Aleš with Ajax AF – they competed in ZM cathegory and despite the disqualification they were great and courageous. Thanks very much for representation!!!

PF 2023

Arx Fortunae team wishes good luck, health and a lot of love in New Year 2023!!!