News 2023

20.11.2022 – Winter team trial in Uničov

The first competition, we attended with Biba this year, was Winter team trial in Uničov. Our team competed in IGP1 – Biba in obedience and our friend Radka Mačáková and her malinois Ejsa in defence. And both dogs worked very hard – we won the second place! Because Biba was in heat, we competed as the last couple and Biba won 98 points in obedience!

And a lot of thanks to Kristýnka with Brutus AF and Aleš with Ajax AF – they competed in ZM cathegory and despite the disqualification they were great and courageous. Thanks very much for representation!!!

PF 2023

Arx Fortunae team wishes good luck, health and a lot of love in New Year 2023!!!