News 2018

18.11.2018 – Dora složila zkoušku FH2

We have passed the last exam of the season 2018 and our merited mother can enjoy her winter pause!

11.11.2018 – Argus Arx Fortunae složil zkoušku BH

Congratulations to the owners, Verena and Werner, and thanks for the representation of our kennel!!!

10.11.2018 – new success of A litter puppies

Asterix Arx Fortunae – FPr1 exam passed and 2nd place won in the FPr1 cathegory in the competition in Jaroměř.

Aurelia Arx Fortunae – FPr1 exam passed and 2nd place won in the FPr1 cathegory in the Josef Václavský Memorial in Štěpánov.

Congratulations to dogs and their owners and thanks for the representation of our kennel!!!

3. – 4.11.2018 – tréninkový seminář s Pavlem Markuskem v Uničově

Me and Biba start slowly with the first training steps...

Thanks for great photos to Aleš Křepela.

6.10.2018 – Dora passed UPr3 exam

It starts to be our good habit to attend some exam (only to be just number) and despite the fact be successful. Dora offhand passed Upr3 exam (but we received only 84 points).

29. – 30.09.2018 – we attended the selective competition for the Czech Republic Championship IPO-FH in Ruda nad Moravou

Unfortunately we attended only because Dora was not able to deal with Sunday track on bare frozen soil in the windy weather. But the conditions were really very extreme – only one dog finished in the group of 7 competitors.

15.09.2018 - Ares Arx Fortunae has passed BH!!!

Congratulations to Ares and his happy master Monika!!!

26.08.2018 – – photos send by Borisek (Boris Arx Fortunae) from his new home

25. – 02.09.2018 – we spent a great week with Markusek team in Jeseník

In addition to demanding training lessons, Dora has passed an obedience exam UPr2 in Jeseník. The exam has been rated very hilarious and enjoyable by the judge. In the dog which hasn´t been IPO-trained for two year these words have been very pleasing.

More amazing photos took by Soňa Březinová can be found here.

18.08.2018 – the last puppy from the "B" litter has left our kennel

Today the last male from the "B" litter – little Boris – left our kennel. He left for western Bohemia with his new master. We will miss our little devil afterwards but his little satanic sister Bíba will surely make up for the loss.

14.08.2018 – our friend Magda Janíková has taken amazing photos of Boris and Bíba

You can find the photo album here.

07.08.2018 – we have received great video from our little girl Bela (Belatrix Arx Fortunae)

07.08.2018 – we have received the first photos from little Brutus (Brutus Arx Fortunae)

According to Brutus´s owner Kristýna words, Brutus is an amazing little dog bringing her a lot of pleasure. He is perfectly tractable, he learns quickly and thrills for everything. He loves water and playing with other dogs.

29.07.2018 – we have had the first representatives for the KCHK Championship 2018!!

Asterix Arx Fortunae is going to start with his owner Petr Žižka at the KCHK Championship in FPr1 cathegory. We will keep our fingers and paws crossed!!!!!

23.07.2018 – we have received a new video from Belinda and her brother Argus from Austria

19.07.2018 - little Belinda has sent photos from her new home

Belinda has lived with her older brother Argus in Austria and has been a happy little doggy girl.

08.07.2018 – Atticus Arx Fortunae passed ZZO exam!!! Congratulations to Verunka!!!!

08.07.2018 – B puppies have left our kennel and sent the first photos

30.06.2018 – dog water games in hot summer days

16.06.2016 – Aurelia Arx Fortunae has won BOB at the Schnauzer Club Show in Horka n. Moravou

Congratulations to Aurelia's owner Marie and thanks for our kennel representation!!!

2.06.2018 - little tunelers...

20.05.2018 - Poodle games or how great to have auntie

17.05.2018 - we are 4 weeks!!!

08.05.2018 - today we are 3 weeks old!!!

30.04.2018 – Today we went for the first trip!!

Puppies have opened their eyes and so today they visited our garden first time. They could feel first scents, try sleeping in grass and listen to blackbird trilling.

29.04.2018 – Today A litter celebrates the birthday – 2 years!!

I wish all my little girls and boys, my first puppies at all, to be healthy, happy and cheerful and to enjoy life with their masters. I love you!!!

28.04.2018 – Puppies from A litter have passed their first tests – congratulations!!

I am very proud of you and I thank your owners for their love and care.

Aurelia Arx Fortunae – ZZO passed
Asterix Arx Fortunae – BH passed
Atticus Arx Fortunae – ZZO + BH passed

19.04.2018 – dostali jsme nádherné fotky od Toníčka z Děčína (Achilleus Arx Fortunae) – moc děkujeme!!!

Toníček tvoří se svojí majitelkou úžasnou dvojici a žije tak naplněným životem, jako málokterý hafan.

19.04.2018 - first portraits of our puppies
("B" litter)

17.04.2018 - WE HAVE PUPPIES!!!

Great "B" litter was born on Tuesday afternoon. Puppies are amazing, go-getting and big - the smallest puppy weight was 440 g "only". There are photos of our 4 boys (Mr. Blue, Green, Brown and Black) and 5 girls (Miss Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red and Lilac).

19.03.2018 - Dora's pregnancy confirmed

Based on the ultrasound examination result, Dora is pregnant and based on the vet´s opinion, we can expect 8 puppies in the half of April!

06.02.2018 - our boys Atticus, Argus and Asterix's videos from defence training!!

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