News 2020

15.05.2020 - Bíba passed her first exam!!

On Friday15.05.2020, Bibinka passed her first exam BH-VT (57 points). A small step for the world but big step for Biba.

And moreover, Biba's older sister Eliška (Aurelia Arx Fortunae) passed with her owner Maruška Lohrerová demanding exam IFH-V on 97 points!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

17.04.2020 - B litter is 2 years old!!

Strong health, a lot of love from your masters and a lot of pleasure everyday to you, my beloved children!!!!

22.03.2020 - humor is not missing even in bad times

Aleš send the video with his dog Ajax - dog training in a mouth mask is a big challenge!

01.03.2020 - Asterix´s amazing sport achievements!

Asterix Arx Fortunae received the title of the most active dog in Vč KCHK 2018 and 2019!!!!

And moreover he won the 3rd place in a special cathegory of the Doudleby trial - detaining the helper over the stream:

CONGRATULATIONS to owner Petr Žižka!!!!!!!!

14.01.2020 - Beladora's new photos

We received beautiful photos of Bety (Beladora Arx Fortunae) and her young master. Thanks very much!!!!

PF 2020

All the best in the New Year 2020!!!!