News 2020

09.12.2020 – last exams in tracking this year

In December, we seized the opportunity to pass last exams this year. Both girls passed exams in tracking and they were very successful! Dora passed IFH2 (great 95 points) and Biba passed her first exam in tracking – FPr1. I was satisfied with her work despite the fact that she lost the last article and won 90 points only. But Biba is very young and her sport career is just beginning. We hope that new year 2021 will be better!!!

03.10.2020 – Schnauzer Club Show in Horka n. Moravou

Two children from our kennel attended the Schnauzer Club Show in Horka n.M.

Maruška Lohrerová and Aurelia Arx Fortunae won and became the Open Class Winner, Club winner and BOB! Congratulations!!

And Ajax Arx Fortunae (owner Aleš Křepela) met the conditions for becoming the stud dog (Körung code 01/5AR/6). Congratulations!!!

28.09.2020 – Josef Václavský Memorial in Štěpánov

Two representatives of our kennel competed in the IFH-V cathegory in the Josef Václavský Memorial in Štěpánov this year – Aurelia and Ajax AF.

In the end, Maruška Lohrerová and Aurelia AF won the second place!


04. – 06.09.2020 – KCHK Championship 2020

This year, four dogs from our kennel competed in the KCHK Championship – our Dora and her children Atticus, Asterix and Aurelia + Dora´s brother Avatar with his owner Zdeňka Stránská. And moreover, we didn´t attend only, we won:

  • Asterix AF + Petr Žižka – 1st place in SPr1
  • Aurelia AF + Maruška Lohrerová – 1st place in FPr3
  • our Dora + me – 2nd place in FPr3
  • Avatar pro Marii + Zdenka Stránská – 4th place in FPr3
  • Asterix AF + Petr Žižka – 5th place in FPr3
  • Atticus AF + Verunka Vrzalíková – competed in IGP1

Thanks to owner of my puppies for their courage and Arx Fortunae kennel promotion in so prestigious event!!!!

22. – 30.08.2020 – summer training camp in Jeseník with Pavel Markusek

At the end of summer holidays, we spend a great week in the training camp with Pavel Markusek. We had a lot of fun and worked very hard. Thanks, Pavel!!!

15.05.2020 - Bíba passed her first exam!!

On Friday15.05.2020, Bibinka passed her first exam BH-VT (57 points). A small step for the world but big step for Biba.

And moreover, Biba's older sister Eliška (Aurelia Arx Fortunae) passed with her owner Maruška Lohrerová demanding exam IFH-V on 97 points!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

17.04.2020 - B litter is 2 years old!!

Strong health, a lot of love from your masters and a lot of pleasure everyday to you, my beloved children!!!!

22.03.2020 - humor is not missing even in bad times

Aleš send the video with his dog Ajax - dog training in a mouth mask is a big challenge!

01.03.2020 - Asterix´s amazing sport achievements!

Asterix Arx Fortunae received the title of the most active dog in Vč KCHK 2018 and 2019!!!!

And moreover he won the 3rd place in a special cathegory of the Doudleby trial - detaining the helper over the stream:

CONGRATULATIONS to owner Petr Žižka!!!!!!!!

14.01.2020 - Beladora's new photos

We received beautiful photos of Bety (Beladora Arx Fortunae) and her young master. Thanks very much!!!!

PF 2020

All the best in the New Year 2020!!!!