Ceramic Products

As a hobby of mine, my friends and acquaintances, I make ceramic products with a dog motif or some other theme. Some photos for your inspiration:

If you are interested you can order something similar.

The pottery is authentic, and each piece is an original created to customer´s request or using my imagination. The products are hand-modeled, not made on a potter´s wheel. Product size is limited in accordance with the brick oven size – max. 30 cm (product diameter) x 30 cm (product height).

The pottery is made from a guality clay, double-baked at a temperature of more than 1000°C and glaze-decorated. Throughout the year, it can be placed outside but in direct rain in the winter months, there is a danger of cracking due to a combination of water absorption and freezing. However, it is relatively resistant (I have had a ceramic bell hanging on a garden gate for some years without any damage despite rain and freezing weather).

The product price is individually calculated in accordance with its size and costumer´s demands. Usual price of a house tag is around 500 Kč. Please send your questions and orders to e-mail address: keramikaHK@seznam.cz.