News 2017

04.11.2017 – Mondio training in Jeřmaň

We must train a lot if the weather is enough good! Thanks so much to Magda Janíková – the author of amazing photos!!

26. – 29.10.2017 – 1st World Championship ISPU IPO-FH 2017 – Horní Bříza

We finished the tracking season 2017 with our bold nomination for the 1st World Championship ISPU IPO-FH in Horní Bříza. Despite of serious concerns about inclusion among schnauzer tracking elite, we have been so successful!!!!

Andora pro Marii in the age of 5.5 years won the 4th place among individuals and became the member of the Czech winning team of world champions ISPU IPO-FH together with Borgia Lucrezia Gabricio (owner Michaela Pencáková) and Sashimi Absolut Expert (owner ing. Jiří Radovesnický)!!!!

Under demanding conditions (Czech Republic was hit by the wind storm during the weekend), we received 85 points during the first day in field (but I was not so satisfied because of Dora´s not very intensive work) and 89 points on grass (under very demanding conditions because of the wind storm and deers on the tracking course). But it was a great result because only Dora finished the course in our group (of 5 competitors) and overall, the IPO-FH limit was reached only by 6 from 33 WCh competitors!

October 2017 – we have many amazing photos of our boys from A litter

Our boys are great and train hard with their owners!

07. – 08.10.2017 – Selective competition for the Czech Championship IPO-FH – Ruda nad Moravou

It was our first start in the Selective competition for the Czech Championship IPO-FH. We spent great (but rainy and cold) weekend among crazy fans of the tracking. Despite the incomplete tracking course on Sunday, we won the 5th place – 89/52 points.

09.09.2017 – XXth Luková Cup

This year, Maruška and me won 4th place - 92 points (Dora) and 2nd place (Dora´s mother Derika) in FH2 cathegory in Luková Cup. The great day!!!!

26.08. – 03.09.2017 – we spent an amazing week in the Pavel Markusek training school in Jeseník

Thanks for the great week spent among great people. Special thanks to Pavel, Jarka and photographers Soňka and Kaška!

22. a 29.7.2017 - mondioring in Jeřmaň

There are wonderful photos and amazing video from the mondioring training in Jeřmaň. Great thanks to our trainer Marek Vystrčil, to Magda Janíková - a photo and video author and to all great people from Dogexperts Mondioring Team.

12.07.2017 – Atti and Verunka sent training photos

And it is clear that they are great partners!

27.06.2017 – great thanks to Argus for many greetings and wonderful photo from Austria!!!

17.06.2017 – Regional Schnauzer Club Show in Horka nad Moravou

On the show, our kennel was represented by two our girls – Apolonia and Aurelia Arx Fortunae who won the first and second places in the junior class. We thank both owners for perfect representation!!!!

And great thanks to our photographer Niki Běhalová for amazing photos!!

14.05.2017 – we received Ary´s photos from far England

We thank Ary´s owner for beautiful photos!

11.05.2017 – Pinky sent greetings from spring family trip to Poland

By photos, Pinky (Apolonia Arx Fortunae) passed the social etiquette exam and moreover, climbing exam!

29.04.2017 – A litter celebrated the first birthday!!!

I wish "my children" of the A litter happy birthday and many happy returns!!!

21. – 23.04.2017 – we attended Championship in Tracking in Nový Malín

Dora was absolutely great and won the 2nd place in full-occupied B cathegory (25 dogs) with 189 points (94/95)!!!!

19.04.2017 – Aramis sent new photos from the family trip to Wales

It is a true „dog“ life!

10.04.2017 – Ares and Atticus in their first show clip



01.04.2017 – Atticus the first competitor in litter A!

Atti (Atticus Arx Fortunae) attended his first dog-trekking competition and he won the 3rd place! CONGRATULATIONS AND THANKS FOR KENNEL PROMOTION!!!!!

27.03.2017 - new spring photos sent by children

Relaxing is simply the best!

And definite evidence of giant schnauzer character... (Atticus Arx Fortunae)

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