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27.05.2024 – Dorinka celebrates 12 years!!!

Dorinka – my first, most beautiful, perfect and beloved schnauzer girl celebrates 12 years today!

Thanks to Maruška – Dorinka's breeder and thanks to my husband who made my dream come true.

And I wish to my sweet girl to enjoy retirement in good health because nobody deserves it more. She was working for me and bringing me joy for twelve years, thanks her I stood on the podium of the World Championship, she gave me two fantastic litters of puppies... What else could I wish for... I love you so much, my darling...

04.05.2024 – Šenov Cup (all breeds)

Our Ria (Charisma Radinie) attended the IGP1 cathegory in the Šenov Cup and she won the excellent 2nd place with 90/91/95 points!!!!

I am very proud of my little devil because she showed her qualities. In summer hot weather, she worked very hard with unbeliable enthusiasm and drive in all three parts and moreover she won great points!

Thanks to our helper Adam Hudeček!!!

20.04.2024 – the first exam of this year in ZKO Uničov

In April, we attended the first exams of this year.

Ria, the youngest dog of our pack, passed IGP1 very successfully– 96/85/95 points.

Her stepsister Biba passed ZZO2 exam – 96 points.

And moreover, Biba´s brother Brutus with his master Kristýnka passed IBGH 2 exam.

Thanks to the judge Jiří Lasík and our helpers Adam Hudeček and Martin Janků.

24.02.2024 – Winter Team Cup in Uničov

Both our girls, Ria and Biba, attended the Winter Team Cup. They competed in the IGP1 obedience. And Biba was very successful – she won 97 points!!! And with her brother Brutus (75 points in defence) they won the first place in the IGP1 cathegory!!!

Ria was not so successful in obedience as her stepsister, but she was able to win 80 points. Unfortunately, her team colleague failed at defence and was disqualified and so their team finished in the last place. But next year will be definitely different!!!

PF 2024

We wish you only the best in New Year 2024 - good health, happiness in your hearts and smile in your faces. Let your dreams come true and your days be happy everyday...